Please let us know who you are!

My Redeemer Christ Can Deliver

501(c)3  Non-Profit Organization

Income Tax Forms:

U.S. Cell Phone: 915-279-4424

Mark’s MX cell phone: 011 52 1 635 111 6992

Roxane’s MX cell phone: 011 52 1 635 118 0578

17018 Darrington Rd.

Horizon City, TX 79928

For those that are interested in giving a financial gift we have provided a number of different options:

1. For those that desire to give by check, please make it out to My Redeemer Christ Can Deliver and send to:

17018 Darrington Rd

Horizon City, TX 79928

2.  For those that have a Wells Fargo account you can transfer internally through their program called Zelle which has no fee either to the donor or the receiver.

3.  You may make a Direct Deposit or a Wire Transfer into our Wells Fargo with the information provided below:

Account  #6473041108

Routing  #112000066

Wire Transfer #121000248

4.   You may also make a direct deposit into our PayPal account by clicking on either of the two methods below:

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